Improve your SharePoint adoption of your Intranet

Our Intranet Features

Company News

Delegate news publishing to content owners, with intuitive news publishing tools.
  • Target news per department or location
  • Engage users with commenting and liking
  • Pin the most important news at the top of the intranet front page
  • Drag and drop news images

Seamless Yammer Integration

Yammer is integrated seamlessly into the Intranet, taking the role of the social component. Yammer discussions can be easily embedded anywhere in your intranet and feeds are automatically created into new workspaces. Yammer announcements and praises are natural part of the intranet experience.


Workspaces for teams and projects gives you tools for bother internal and external teamwork.
  • Summary page that gathers both SharePoint Workspaces and Office 365 groups
  • Filter and Search workspaces with ease
  • Manage, create and inactivate workspaces effortlessly.
  • Includes Workspace Order Form, automatic workspace creation, workspace inactivation, permission levels and Yammer integration


People Finder

People Finder allows you to search for your colleagues quickly from the intranet front page by name or phone number. It integrates seamlessly with SharePoint’s powerful People search and Delve user profiles.
Admin Toolkit
Find all the tools and intranet analytics in one place: Most populate Intranet pages, most unpopular Intranet pages, most popular workspaces, pending workspace orders, etc.


Social Hub

Social Hub gathers your company’s presence in external social media on a single page on the Intranet.

Delve Blogs

Encourage your colleagues to share their insights with Delve blogging. Delve Blogs add-on pulls all the latest blog posts from user's Delve profiles into your intranet.


Latest Video add-on displays latest videos from Office 365 Video portal in your intranet.

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