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Getting your intranet running couldn’t get any easier.  Simple to buy and fun to use!

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Boost your employee engagement by all modern communication, social and collaboration features.

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100% perfect for your Office 365 ecosystem. Enjoy your digital workplace!

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Keep your intranet evergreen. New updates every two months guarantee your intranet will never get old.


SEERS has the perfect solution for your corporate intranet.

For too long organisations have struggled with:

  • The significant resource cost of hosting, building and maintaining a corporate intranet
  • An intranet that suffers from a poor user interface, outdated content, a dysfunctional search engine and the inability to be accessed across multiple platforms

In this all to common circumstance an intranet is often hated by the organisation and rather than provide a collaborative space actually stymies the growth of the organisation and creates a frustrated user experience leading towards stagnation, poor morale and a siloed work culture.

An emerging trend for businesses is to adopt an out-of-the-box intranet that has the core features built in and integrates with Office. This typically provides most of the requirements for an organisation but also leaves plenty of flexibility to be custom tailored towards your organisations needs.